About Us

Hello, and welcome to Keto On Bakery!

I'm Jen Smith, the owner and founder.  I started on this adventure because after experimenting with multiple diet approaches, I learned that eliminating sugar and keeping my carbs low kept me looking and feeling my best.  Switching to a keto diet made it easy to enjoy fresh, whole foods with more fat and flavor.  However, I quickly discovered that tasty sugar free/low carb treats are difficult to find.  Plus, keto ingredients are expensive and tricky to work with! 

So, I bought a kitchen scale, rolled up my sleeves and began tinkering with various recipes to find what worked best for my family when our cravings stuck.  Over time, when I started to get the flavors and textures to work the way I wanted, it was like magic!   

In 2019, I opened Keto On Bakery so I could share my treats with others who want to indulge while staying low carb and sugar free.  We're thrilled to be able to offer an ever expanding menu of baked goods to help you Satisfy Your Cravings and Keto On!

Thanks again for stopping by our store!

 - Jen