About Us

Keto On Bakery is owned by Jennifer Smith, although you will often find her husband, Wade, managing deliveries and pickups around town.  The Smiths began reducing the sugar and carbohydrates in their diet a few years ago for improved health, enhanced mental focus, higher energy and slimmer waistlines.  They found that when adopting a keto diet, the cravings for sugar and carbs were powerful, but could be managed by indulging in some low carb, keto treats and desserts along the way.  This made it a lot easier to maintain the low carb, keto lifestyle, as opposed to just cycling on and off a keto diet.  Jen started experimenting with various low carb ingredients and recipes, and their kids, Leila and Dylan, became the toughest initial taste-testers.

After relocating to Fort Collins Colorado in 2019, Jen and Wade started Keto On Bakery to offer their grain free, sugar free, and gluten free treats to those interested in adopting and maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle ... as well as those simply interested in indulging in a delicious treat, without all the sugar!  Keto On Bakery is a certified and insured Cottage Food Producer in Fort Collins Colorado. 

So treat yourself, satisfy your cravings, and Keto On!

Keto On Bakery - Owners, Jen and Wade